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Private branch exchange (PBX), implies a private telephonic network that is utilized within a company. The PBX links the inner phones within a business and at the same time associate those to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In order to make outside or international calls, the users of PBX share a large number of external lines. The VoIP PBX is considered to be one of the most recent trends in the PBX phone system developments and is thought to be a complete telephony system. VoIP PBX is also named IP PBX, in which the internet protocol is used in order to transmit the calls. Currently, there are four types of PBX system: PBX, hosted PBX, VoIP PBX or IP PBX, and hosted IP PBX. The IP PBX is quite helpful in rendering the services that are hard and expensive to be applied when using a conventional proprietary PABX.

Basically, a VoIP PBX comprises of one or more VoIP phones and an IP PBX server that is like a proxy server. There is also an optional VOIP gateway. In a VoIP PBX or IP PBX all the speeches are transmittedas data packets over the network. It switches the local calls over the data network internally and also permits the users to share same external phone lines. The system is very efficient and is easy to install, as anyone expert in computers and networking can easily install and maintain it. There are many advantages of IP PBX, the most crucial one of which is the significant cost savings. The monthly charges are very reasonable and affordable and of course, the quality given is awesome. With the help of a VoIP PBX, international and long distance calls can be made by using a VoIP service provider. The latest technology helps to install the software phones directly onto the PC and is useful in delivering better productivity. In the IP PBX there is no need of separate phone wiring.

The IP PBX permits hot disking as well as roaming. Hot disking to easily move the desks or offices based on the task at hand and by IP PBX the user easily takes his phone to the new desk. In the same way the users can roam also, as the calls can be deviated anywhere in the world due to the SIP protocol. A VoIPPBX is helpful in substantial savings in management, maintenance and ongoing call costs. So, for successful business it should be an obvious choice for any company. It gives better reporting and a better view of all the system status and calls. IP PBX is hence a multi functional module that helps its users to communicate freely all over the world. It is of significant importance, but for small and medium sized companies it is an arrant solution for making cost effective local and international calls. Besides this, it can well support analog phones and a large number of SIP based third party devices that are used for the companies to distribute the IP telephony system in an effectual way.


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